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Monday, June 17, 2019

Mr. konstantin Ignatov's Release and Onecoin Public Exchange

Mr. konstantin Ignatov's Release and Onecoin Public Exchange

>> If OneCoin corporate has no power or ability to run all activities of One Ecosystem without Mr Konstantin
>> If present policy maker of OneCoin has no power or ability to go Public Exchange without Mr. Konstantin

** I am giving you guarantee that, Mr. konstantin will not release till exhaust/ finish of OneCoin from the Earth.

>> If present policy maker/corporate has the ability and go Public Exchange in the next week and they can continue it (The whole system) with success in the next one month

** I am giving you guarantee that Mr. konstantin will release within two months.

Constantine case is an ongoing process. Even intentionally or anyway they will take new date continuously month after month. This is America's strategy. If Mr. Constantine is innocent, nobody will be able to guarantee when he will be released in legal process.

The question is, it's not just matter of the OneCoin. Mr. konstantin is also a citizen of a state. So, what is the role of the Bulgarian Government?

Now all the leaders of OneLife are embarrassed and ashamed. That's why they were silent and afraid to speak. Their words are worthless. All types of Team Meeting, Zoom Meeting and others activities have been closed. Leaders do not have any language to tell us something new.

We understand that corporate may also be embarrassed. Because they passed/crossed 10th October 2018, They crossed January 2019 publishing a press release - One Step Behind.
Then they started : Exchange Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 and Part-4. How much more. It can not be given anymore.

So they started another thing : Weekly update. They have already finished the fifth week update. Though, the content that was "week -1" and the currently update - is not very similar. They are adding new new complexity to the new new week.

Today, Barcelona was chosen for a particular meeting: it wasn't just another corporate event, a convention or a usual Diamond training... It was a very important strategy meeting that would empower the whole community in the coming months. The leaders most committed to their teams and the project were summoned, and, of course, they rose to the call!

This Diamond (and above) meeting marks the 1st day of the 90-day plan, which our leaders outlined, discussed and even improved during this day of masterminds. And that they will begin to apply TODAY!

Bonds are strengthened at strategy meetings, and this was no exception: the most significant leaders in Europe, also from other continents, had come together with a very specific mission: to join forces, exchange ideas, create a road map together and give 200% of themselves over the next few months to create a new momentum.

We know very well that when we set a goal and we work together, success is just there.

Over the next few days and weeks, get ready to find out more news about what our leaders are preparing in order to take their teams to the next level!

So, Mr. Corporate, If you do not take a bold decision at the moment, then all the members of the world are in danger. If OneCoin can show that he can run/continue without any specific person, then all the enemies of the world hide in the pits of the earth.

Best wishes for OneCoin! Yes, Corporate May Win! OneCoin May Win!

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