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Sunday, March 24, 2019

The New Vision Deal Shaker interactive Features

The New Vision Deal Shaker interactive Features


Shopping online is a considerable comfort many people will not trade for anything else.

 So, the brand new Deal Shaker is definitely worth checking out!

The new Deal Shaker interactive trading hub with a whole new vision and fresh designs will offer many new features to its users.

It is unique due to the fact that it gives users the opportunity to pay for superior and
kindness with a combination of One Coin crypto currency (ONE) and fiat money.

After months of hard work, the developer teams have  organized  decently great,

which guarantee to become the new star on the electronic commerce scene.

The  sight - a better buyer  affair, giving the most value to merchants and buyers,

 and also giving them the prospect to interchange with everyone other.

You can store your ONEs and your cash in your Deal Shaker wallet.

 You can pay for superior and kindness via PayPal.

It gives the users many exploitable which you can realize in some of the pioneer platforms in e-commerce.

Also, it has the characteristic of immediate messaging between merchants and buyers and offers other functionalities which are typical for the social media platforms. The programme provides an online chat for
 users as well where they can division their response and their experience within the platform.

The programme’ conceptualization is to be as users friendly as achievable and it aims to provide platform users with an amazing occurrence.

 You can progress to your KYC/KYB verification with the following documents – Passport,
 Identity card or driver’s license. You can survey your documents and transfer them into the structure or you can simply clasp it against the PC camera and you will be ready to proceed further with the creation of your online store.

You can comfortably supervise your consequence and store statistics, orders, shipping method, etc.

 from the protection of your online store.

coin Back is one of the key features of the platform.

And the latest initiative that is part of the new Deal Shaker market strategy is the deal shaker Franchise.

 The  sight is for the DS  abstraction to proliferate to new markets and for the hub
to manage to keep up with the requirements and specifics of every market on a global scale.

And last but not least – don’t worry, both the old and the new platform will be operating in collateral with each for a sure session of time for your enjoyment. This is produced to give the Deal Shaker

 users sufficient time to get confidential with the new characteristic and move their current deal from the old platform to the new one.
 Their accounts and coins will be moved subliminal.

OneCoin will become in the next years the most widespread payment means in the world because it exceeds currency limits and makes speed and traceability its strength. Exchange connected with the central bank because connected and regulated on 194 countries with government permits. Millions of people, millions of accounts created, over half a million merchant.

 Total Financial Revolution a company that educates people for creation and spendibilita "/ navigation " of their unique currency that you create and spend within commercial activities, not the compulsion of governments, banks etc... 

what is created this company Over the years is half a table among the 20 countries with higher GDP a spectacular planning to be public with a huge market. Project that is literally making fury in the world has passed the critical mass and has reached cohesion!

2 years and a half ago there was nothing today an idea is a massive usability, construction, property, land, residences 100 % one besides it as you want, are born villages besides #onevillage in Russia for Russian criptomilionari , today we have a whole base of users of over 3,5 million with KYC "know your client" approved the international protocol as require European communities and international regulations but other millions in approval.


It's legal to produce crypto blockchain is law, it's illegal to print paper. You think about it.... we have the first global transparent cryptocurrency you produce and spend making transfers in a minute in every corner of the world, not like a transfer. Try to imagine what happens. Many escapes that you are a coin when you have a community, usability and shops, communities and shops swapping and it gives value and trust, the company is creating a huge ecosystem and a free market like a fiat currency so it doesn't need to exchange it in currency Hackneyed being deflationary by creating power power, otherwise you are speculation that is not a problem. Shared wealth is born to protect you from the biggest structural crisis coming soon. ðŸ‘ŒðŸ‘Œ One coin digital currency interrupts all global records
Onecoin: the fastest growing company

One coin is growing faster than any other company in the history of the world. It's the only company to make over $ 1 billion actual revenue its first year, and incredibly only 3 months later it reached $ 2 billion, $ 3 BILLION IN JUST OVER 2 years and $ 8 BILLION WITHIN 3 years. To put this in perspective, here are the fastest growing companies in history to reach $ 1 BILLION TURNOVER:

The road for $ 1 billion

One coin: 1 year
Groupon:3 years
Amazon: 4 years old
Google: 5 years
Facebook: 6 years
Apple: 7 years old
Microsoft: 9 years old

One coin: the new global leader in digital currency
 Onelife / one coin holding. Cryptocurrencies difference: Bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin, one coin.

Bitcoin: - 

Mass-market currency-21 million

Global currency reserve - no

Fast Global Speed Blockchain Speed-10 minutes

Copatibilità E-Commerce-no

Low Cost -No

Extended User Base-300 k

Know your customer policy (Kyc) - no

Global Distribution: 60 % belongs to 10 % (China and USA)

Litecoin: -

Mass-market currency-84 million

Global currency reserve - no

Fast Global Speed Blockchain Remittance-8 minutes

Copatibilità E-Commerce-no

Low cost - yes

Extended User Base-80 k

Know your customer policy (Kyc) - no

Global Distribution-45 countries

Dashcoin: -

Mass-market currency-1,8 billion

Global currency reserve - no

Fast Global Speed Blockchain Remittance-4 minutes

Copatibilità E-commerce - yes

Low cost-yes

Extended User Base-60 k

Know your customer policy (Kyc) - no

Global Distribution-23 countries

OneCoin: -

Mass-market currency: 120 billion

Global currency reserve - yes

Blockchain Speed Fast Global Remittance-1 MINUTE

Copatibilità E-Commerce-yes

Low cost-yes

Extended User Base: 3,5 million

Know your customer policy (Kyc) - yes

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