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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

One Of The Most Exciting Events Of OneCoin in 2019

One Of The Most Exciting Events Of OneCoin in 2019
How Much Can OneCoin Make Transactions Per Second ???????????????????
HI ONE LIFE Members ??????

One coin can make 100.000 transactions per second, as its block chain is controlled at the centre as one, most other block chains are decentralized by the exploitation of other parts is extremely energy consuming. To establish a relationship,
 four other known block companies or chains are associated:Visa 4000 transactions per secondPaypal 450 transactions per secondEthereum 25 transactions per secondBitcoin Only 6 transactions per second 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼Please stop dreaming of maintaining a hundred thousand or millions of euro by exchange out your one coin honest succeeding the ice ends on January 7th, 2019. has been said by credible sources that One coin will be listed on thepublic exchanger xcoinx on (no exact date), sometime in early 2019. This means the public will be able to buy one coin, and people who hold one coin can offer the coins in the market for sale.Again, there will be a restriction of how many coins each member are allowed to sell. And, merchants will have priorities to exchange their coins to cover their hard costs of inventory.These all are aimed to project the value stability & usability of one coin.
But anyhow.. 

there is no official news regarding above xcoinx issues, so don't set your hope high, don't expect too much, TO AVOID THE RUMOUR OF "POSTPONE" again! But as we realize, the company has been employ hard to made that happened,the IT team is still finishing the new deal shakier with PayPal link and sponsor link. Remember to achieve the best result, to be the best one is always going hard/tough way.
Let's help the company by remaining calm, 

patient, alert, don't be fooled/provocated by rumours. Stay together for more👌.Nb. If you want to get cash fast..., DON'T WAIT.. BE A MERCHANT.. or GET MORE MERCHANT😀.
#Onecoin is the future of economic trade!!

ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING EVENTS FOR 2019 - Barcelona 2019 has been confirmed for 24th, 25th and 26th May! 

Corporate and Master Distributor Jose Gordo have joined forces to present to you one of the most epic MasterMind Events!

 You will be blown away by the amount of useful information you will receive.
 You will be able to meet in person all of the special guests and motivational speakers attending the event. 

 you will be able to ask your questions and present economic and financial issues to all the special guests and receive advice and tips in return.

 In one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Barcelona,
 the people of OneLife will have the pleasure to participate in a unique three-day seminar Top speakers,
 best coach and untold surprises promise a unique experience... 

Business coaching, corporate any news, recognition and untold success stories will inspire the audience and exchange leadership ideas...

Investment in knowledge and training pays the best interests: not random #onelife is the first financial education company that educate people on over 194 countries in the world. 
Months ago we said that analysts and experts in cryptography said that #onecoin would become universal and planetary in no time.

 It's happening!!!!! Usability to the stars!!! Continues testimonies of people, traders also in Italy, page ima one life Italy FB who understands usability, transparency and traceability join!!!

 This turns on the net, we are in the era of Sharing when a currency is accepted and traded by people not only will it give value but will give it to #trust.

 #One exceeds any trust limit 1 minute for each block from anywhere in the world and cheap, 

we are over 10 million people in the world and thousands who daily come to know.

We are creating certified abundance, legal and you? We are the biggest community in the world of digital exchange! 

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